"Providing the Best Possible Tree Trimming and Removal Services in Portland"

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Serving the Entire Portland Area

Whether it’s having your tree pruned or removed or grinding down that stubborn stump, we’re here to help. Rod or Lorin are ready to meet and give you a bid on your schedule. Our tree and stump bid hours include most evenings (daylight permitting) and Saturdays until about 3pm.

Our staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly and our aim is to take the stress out of maintaining or removing the trees on your property. Beautifully maintained trees add an element of sophistication and elegance to any yard.

Our Services Include

• Tree Removal
• Stump Removal
• Stump Grinding
• Tree Pruning
• View Improvement
• Preventative Pruning
• General Tree Care

All Tree Pruning is carefully done by our experienced Arborists to maintain beautiful trees. “Green” Stump Grinding we grind 18″ deep and never use chemicals. We remove all related debris, cut trees into 18″ rounds, remove wood if you’d like, and chip all branches.

Thorough Stump Grinding

Grinding to a depth of 18 inches and no chemicals means a new tree can be planted the same day. If removing a stump in a city’s right-of-way, chances are they will require a replacement tree be installed. Most cities have an 18 inch stump grind requirement for this reason.

Putting grass where the stump used to be? With a shallow grind, eventually the remainder of the stump and roots will rots away and a noticeable depression will develop in the replanted lawn. By grinding 18 inches, your lawn will grow and stay healthy. Learn More

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