Tree Services

Tree Removal

Safe and skilled removals, with a specialty in dangerous, hard-to-remove trees.

Tree Pruning

Careful pruning done by our experienced Arborists to maintain beautiful trees.

Green Stump Grinding

We never use any chemicals and can grind down to a maximum of 12” in needed.

Tree Removal

Sometimes problems within a tree are so advanced that they necessitate a removal. Removal is necessary when a tree is dead, becomes a hazard to people or property, crowds or harms property or surrounding trees or when a property owner wants to replace it for more desirable foliage.

Our arbor technicians are trained to evaluate issues and problems in trees to determine if a removal is needed. Our technicians use proper equipment and techniques to remove trees quickly and safely, grinding the stump 12 inches below ground level.

Upon removal Inexpensive Tree Care hauls away all debris, leaving your property clean and beautiful.

We are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Our CCB# is 157423.

Tree Pruning

Common reasons for pruning include dead, dying, diseased or hazardous branches. Our professional arborists provide recommendations on how to prune depending on species, location, age, growth rate and the condition. Most pruning can be done throughout the year with negligible effects on the health and life of the tree. A properly pruned tree will be healthier, improve the appearance and reduce failure in storms. Pruning services include raising, thinning, center pruning, removing of large dead wood, demossing and improving overall appearance and beauty of the tree.