Caring for Trees During a Drought

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caring-for-trees-during-a-drought-300×185Trees. We love them, and we need them.

Trees clean the air of pollution. Birds, squirrels and good insects make their homes in the branches of trees. Best of all, during summer, trees shade people from the hot sun.

Caring for Trees During a Drought

Keep an eye on trees during a drought. You may see signs that a tree is suffering. The leaves may wilt or turn yellow. Evergreens trees may have needles that turn yellow or brown.

Proper tree pruningis key all year round, but especially if drought has caused disease or damage. Prune trees to keep them healthier. Cut off dead branches. Remove branches that look diseased or that have been damaged by pests. Disease and pests may spread if you don’t prune trees properly.

A tree may slowly get sicker if it stays in dry conditions too long. Drought often paves the way for sickness. As the tree gets weaker from a lack of water, it’s overall health gets worse. When that happens, the tree may not be able to fight off diseases or pests.

Mulching helps the tree retain moisture. Add 3-4 inches of mulch. Spread the mulch all around the tree. Keep the mulch at least 6 inches from the trunk. If mulch is next to the tree, the bark could rot.

Water Trees During a Drought

During times of drought, the tables are turned. The trees in your yard need you. Most trees don’t have tap roots that reach into nearby water supplies. They count on us to provide the water they need to grow and stay healthy.

A tree’s root system can grow up to four times wider than the breadth of its branches. During a drought, we need to water a tree’s roots. Water a tree by watering all around a tree.

Trees like regularity. Water consistently. It’s also important to water deeply. Trees need more than a few sips.

Most of a tree’s roots are shallow. About 90 percent of the roots go no deeper than about 12 inches. To water the roots, you can use a probe, watering stake or soil stakes to create holes. The holes allow water to get deep into the soil.

During a drought, many people let their lawns die. The grass usually comes back once it starts to rain again. That system doesn’t work with trees. Trees need continued care to do well when the weather’s hot and dry.

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