Do you have trees or limbs that are getting in the way of your million dollar view? Inexpensive Tree Care can prune obscuring limbs or remove trees to maximize the value of your property and help you get the most out of your view. We also have the knowledge and expertise to be aware of what trees may be protected in your area, so you don’t have to worry about sorting through city codes to determine if it’s okay to remove a certain tree to improve the view.

Enhance Your View, Don’t Hide It

We know that in the Pacific Northwest, trees can be the view! However, sometimes you want to see beyond the trees, and that’s where we come in to prune, trim, and remove trees to create a picture perfect panorama. If you’re envisioning trees as a frame for your visita, we can do that. 

A crew member performing view improvement tree trimming to help illustrate affordable tree removal service.
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If you’d like to have a higher canopy, or would like to let more sunlight through your trees, we can do that too. Our tree experts can help you develop the perfect plan to improve the view, so you get everything you’re envisioning, without the hazards of attempting to do it yourself.

Long Term Benefits in Sight

In addition to improving your scenic view, we can recommend the best way of retaining it. Oftentimes, instead of doing a crown reduction, or topping, it is better and more cost effective to “window” trees. Windowing is done by selectively removing branches in a tree’s interior to open up view spaces. This type of pruning allows a view to be obtained, while still keeping the structural integrity of the tree intact. This is a low impact procedure that prevents the tree from putting up large amounts of suckers and regrowth that can block your newly obtained view.

Improve the View Portland

If you’re ready to improve your view in Southwest Washington or the Portland Metro Area, contact Inexpensive Tree Care today to schedule your free consultation. We can take your view from impeded to impressive with a personalized plan, crafted by our experienced tree technicians.