Tree Pruning Portland

Our Arborists Prune With Precision

Pruning is surgery for a tree. It removes dead and diseased branches. Like a surgeon, an arborist needs knowledge and the right tools to perform an operation. We have years of experience caring for trees, and we know what keeps them healthy. We’ve been offering tree-pruning services in Portland, Oregon since 2003.

Our skilled arborists preserve your tree’s health and beauty while removing unnecessary branches. Trees have value that goes beyond their dollar worth. We understand you might be worried about cutting a favorite tree. Before making a cut, we evaluate the situation. We consider a tree’s age, species, location and growth rate. Many factors go in to how an arborist prunes. After everything is considered, we set to work making the needed cuts.

Tree removal and pruning services in Portland
Tree Pruning Portland OR

Pruning Gives Diseased Trees a Chance to Thrive

Unhealthy or cracked branches can break, causing damage or injury as they fall. Disease, pests and fungus can affect the whole plant or just a portion of it. Pruning the unhealthy areas prevents the spread of the disease. Cutting off the weak part gives a tree a chance at health and improved growth.

Call a Professional to Remove Dangerous Branches

Not every tree that needs pruning is suffering from disease. Overgrown trees can become a hazard. A branch that’s touching an electric line is unsafe. Branches overhanging your home or garage can come crashing down in a storm. When a large tree has a dangerous branch, call us for help. We have the equipment and experience to safely remove it.

Keep the Bloom on Flowering Trees

There is no single best time to prune trees. When done with skill, a tree can be cut at nearly any time of the year. Some trees are healthier when they’re pruned on a regular basis. Careful cutting can strengthen a tree or help keep it under control. Some people prune trees to a encourage a certain shape and limit their size. We recommend pruning most flowering trees right after the blooms fade.

Spring bloomers are often pruned in June. Prune summer flowering trees either in winter or spring. Ask one of our arborists about the right time to service your trees.

Inexpensive Tree Care is licensed, bonded and insured to work in Oregon and Washington. Call us for a free quote on tree pruning or any of our other tree-care services.