Do you have a tree stump you want removed? Inexpensive Tree Care can remove that unsightly hazard. We’ve been helping people with stump removal in the Portland and Vancouver area since 2003.

Stumps are a nuisance. Mowing the lawn around a stump is inconvenient. Weeds and sprouts often grow out of the base of an old tree. In addition, a stump can become a tripping hazard, especially when it’s hidden in tall grass.

Stump Removal Portland OR

Our stump grinder in action!

Getting Rid of Stubborn Stumps

Cutting down a tree is a lot of work. Sometimes removing the stump that’s left behind is an even bigger challenge. Digging out a stump is extremely difficult. Commercial stump-removal products can take a long time to destroy the wood, plus they rarely complete the task for more than a decade.

We can save you from the hard and sometimes frustrating labor of removing a stump on your own. Our staff has the know-how and equipment to quickly grind it all away.

Accurate Estimates

Before removing a stump, one of our experienced staff members will come to your property to evaluate the situation. We’ll explain your options and give you a no-cost estimate and quote for the grinding.

No Harsh Chemicals

Some tree service companies treat the ground with chemicals after grinding a stump. We don’t. Instead of chemicals (which can quickly get into the ground water, plus render the ground out stump area unusable for a period of time) we use a heavy-duty machine to remove the stump, roots and sprouts. Your soil is ready for replanting the same day we grind your stump. You don’t have to wait before using the area again.

Utility-Line Location

Our grinders work deep into the soil to remove everything that needs to come out. Our machinery can work up to 12-inches deep. Plus, there’s no need for you to worry about utility lines. We’ll take care of that for you. Utility-line location comes with the price of stump grinding.

Efficient, Friendly Service

Our staff is courteous and efficient. We’ll get the job done, including returning the stump grindings into the hole created by the grinding.

Removing a stump is nearly impossible if you don’t have the knowledge and equipment to complete the job. Call Inexpensive Tree Care and arrange for one of our experts to help you clear your property of stumps.

I was amazed at the use of remote control to utilize the equipment. It was fast and efficient.

Sharon B. in Portland, OR

The estimator arrived promptly (actually, 10 minutes early) and was very professional. He carefully yet succinctly explained my options, including a second task which I later added. The gentleman who came to do the job displayed the same professionalism. He made QUICK–but thorough–work of three huge hardwood stumps. He also felled a 20-foot lilac and removed that stump, and chopped the big limbs for firewood and the narrower ones for recycling. AWESOME experience!!! I’d hire these guys again in a minute!!!

Mark A. in Gresham, OR

They were efficient, quality of work was excellent and the price was excellent.

Jeanne F. in Portland, OR

Fast, simple, a very nice pleasant worker, fair affordable price. A job well done.

Sherrie B. in Gresham, OR

Their service was prompt and they did an excellent job of removing the roots. I would definitely hire them again.

Carol B. in Beaverton, OR