Are your shrubs or hedges starting to look a little overgrown? Getting them professionally trimmed will do more than enhance their beauty; it will also make them more healthy. That’s why when you need tree trimming in Portland OR, you call the certified arborists at Inexpensive Tree Care, specializing in tree removal.

When bushes begin to reach the point of overgrowth, those extra limbs and foliage become a substantial weight that the tree must support — both structurally and nutritionally. In fact, overcrowded branches can actually limit the total amount of light the plant receives, hindering it from achieving its maximum photosynthesis potential.

Proper tree trimming will make your Portland property more attractive. It will also ensure stability and the perfect environment for the growth of trees, shrubs, and hedges.

Why Hire a Professional Arborist?

There are around 175 different species of trees growing in the state of Oregon. It makes sense that there are so many species able to thrive, too.

Think of how variable the terrain and climate can be in Oregon. Different elevations; different amounts of rain and sunshine; different topography. It’s no wonder that Oregon is such a green and leafy wonderland.

Deciduous Oregon trees, conifers, and evergreens all have slightly different growth patterns and seasonal needs. Whereas dogwoods will grow to about 30 feet and have an equally wide span, the Douglas fir (our official state tree) is more tall and narrow, growing to over 300 feet.

tree infected with fungus

Trees take time to acquire their shape and can be influenced by human manipulation. Because tree trimming affects the tree’s growth formation, it isn’t something that should be left to the last minute. Rather, an occasional thinning is much healthier for the tree. This will also permit the tree to adopt a growth pattern that appears more organic.

Tree Works Trimming Best Practices

Similar to tree pruning, effective tree trimming will eliminate any parts of the tree deemed a detriment to its overall health. Inexpensive Tree Care in Portland can also help shape the tree and remove any parts that may prove hazardous to people or structures or that obstructs a desired view.

A proper trim will remove branches that:

  • Are dead or dying
  • Are not exposed to sunlight
  • Cross or rub against each other
  • Hang over a roof or power lines
  • Conflict with the overall form of the tree

Wind. Rain. Ice. Saturated ground. Falling tree branches. Power outages.

Investing in proper tree and shrub trimming in the Portland OR metro area is not just for your property — it’s for your whole neighborhood.

In the Pacific Northwest, we love our trees. The expert, full-service tree care technicians at Inexpensive Tree Care know how to trim just the right amount and in the right places so that your tree will be healthier — and you and your neighbors will be happier.

A quick word about dangerous trees: It’s important to remember that, in addition to tree trimming, there will be times when a simple — or even a complex — trim will not be sufficient. Sometimes, it will be necessary to remove a tree.

Why? Trees on your property that have been damaged by storms or relentless rain may be prone to toppling. This can create hazards to life and limb — and not just the tree’s limbs.

Furthermore, trees that are dead or dying, perhaps because they’ve become infested by insects or disease, can also become problematic. While removing a few branches here and there and trimming the tree may save it, there are certainly times when a tree is beyond saving. In times like these, dangerous tree removal may be the wisest choice.

We at Inexpensive Tree Care are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. In addition to having liability insurance, we provide proper workers’ comp for all our employees. We have full coverage for both the state of Oregon and the state of Washington.

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