How to Recognize a Hazardous Tree

How to Recognize a Hazardous Tree

Homeowners want to preserve the trees on their property and protect their home and family from unhealthy trees that could topple at any moment. How do you know if your tree is unhealthy? More often than not, your tree will show signs of distress before it falls. Here are some basic ways to check if the trees on your property are hazardous.

Tip #1: Inspect your trees regularly.

After a storm or after leaves fall during the autumn months, inspect your trees up close on all sides, as well as from a distance. Check for changes in branches, roots. and foliage. Look for cuts or peeling in the bark. Use binoculars to look at the tree crown. Search for dead wood and brown leaves. These may indicate decay.

Tip #2: Look for leaning trees.

Trees often don’t grow completely straight. If you see a tree that has a pronounced lean, it could indicate poor weight distribution. A lean in a tree may also be caused by root damage. Danger signs include cracked or heaving soil on the opposite side of the lean, or exposed roots around the bottom of the tree. When possible, pruning can redistribute the tree’s weight. If it’s not possible, you should consider removal to keep your structures and family safe.

Tip #3: Look for multiple trunks.

Because a tree has multiple trunks, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a hazard. Trees with split or multiple trunks are weaker at the split that single trunk trees without multiple trunks.. V-shaped or U-shaped trunks, can sometimes create unsteadiness in mature trees. These types of trees are more likely to split during a strong storm.

Tip #4: Beware of construction.

Construction can cause stress to trees and their roots, especially shallow feeder roots. Disruptions to the soil, for instance when putting in a new driveway or digging to establish plumbing or utility lines, may affect trees. Heavy equipment can scrape tree bark which may lead to disease or bug infestation. If roots are damaged, it may starve or destabilize the tree.

What should you do if you notice a hazardous tree?

If a tree on your property looks has you worried, call Inexpensive Tree Care. We may be able save the tree. If your tree is hazardous, we can safely remove it before it causes harm to people or property.

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