How to Trim a Weeping Cherry Tree

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(Updated 12/28/20)

Pruning a weeping cherry tree requires a light hand. These trees look best when the branches trail gracefully on or near the ground. Branches that have been sheared to a short, uniform length lose their flowing lines.

Pruning practices for weeping trees differ somewhat from those for upright varieties. We’ve put together an infographic that shows you how to trim a weeping cherry tree.

You can use the same five tips to prune both regular and dwarf varieties. If you need to remove a diseased branch from a larger tree, contact us for help.

how to trim a weeping cherry tree infographic

Steps for Pruning & Trimming a Cherry Tree

Weeping cherry trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They need to be pruned once a year and look best when limbs are trimmed but kept close to the ground. Here are some important tips on how to trim a weeping cherry tree.

The first step is to make sure you’re pruning the tree at the right time of year. Pruning the tree when the tree is dormant is key, so late summer or early fall should be a perfect time. Winter and early spring are almost certainly too soon. So make sure the flowers are not in bloom and be sure to cut the branches when they’re small.

Before you begin, be sure that you have the right tools ready. Sharp bypass shears are the best to cut slender, young branches. If the tree is diseased, be sure to clean the tools with rubbing alcohol to disinfect and prevent the spreading of any diseased sections to other parts of the tree.

Next, remove a few inches from the tips of the branches that are trailing too long. Take some time to stagger the length of the branches and allow the foliage to trail near to the ground.

It is important to remember that if one branch is removed, multiple twigs will grow. If there are suckers or water sprouts emerging at the trunk near the ground, remove those, as they can suck water and nutrients from the tree, causing damage over time. Be sure to take note to not cut new growth from the top of the tree.

One of the most important aspects of knowing how to trim a weeping cherry tree is knowing how a properly trimmed but naturally weeping tree should look in the first place!

A properly trimmed weeping cherry tree will retain its weeping shape and provide lasting beauty in your yard if pruned annually. Branches that grow rapidly can be pruned so that the branches that touch the ground keep that naturally weeping shape.

A quick side note if you’re thinking about grafting two trees together. Keep in mind that when a tree is grafted, the grafted weeping cherry tree will respond to pruning by sprouting below the graft. In other words, it won’t grow straight; it will revert to its rootstock.

If you want to make sure that you know exactly how to trim a weeping cherry tree, contact our team of experienced landscape experts at Inexpensive Tree Care for advice today. We are happy to help!

Some final thoughts about our company. Inexpensive Tree Care is led by certified arborists. That means you can count on us to provide nothing but the highest quality, full-service tree work. This includes tree pruning, tree removal (including dangerous tree removal), tree trimming, stump grinding, and much more.

So get in touch with us today, and we can get started on a course of action that will have your trees healthy and appearing their loveliest throughout the year.

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