When A Tree Should Be Removed

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Deciding when a tree should be removed isn’t always as easy as it may seem. And removing the thing isn’t always a piece of cake, either. That’s why you should be certain that a tree has to be removed before digging in.

Sometimes a tree may look healthy, but there are structural problems with the root system that spell inevitable doom. Conversely, sometimes a tree may look raggedy and unhealthy, but it’s actually in fine shape.

Still other times, it doesn’t matter if the tree is healthy or not — it may have to be removed because its roots are about to cause havoc with your sprinkler system or sidewalk. Or it may threaten the roof of a structure that’s going to be built nearby.

Let’s take a deeper look at the topic of knowing when a tree should be removed.

Inexpensive Tree Care in Portland OR

If you have questions at any point during this discussion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Inexpensive Tree Care. We’re led by an experienced and certified arborist.

Our crew has loads of experience dealing with just the type of tree care issues that most Pacific Northwesterners are familiar with — and a few that only specialists such as ourselves really understand!

Also: Please remember to check our permits page to see if you need a permit for any full-service tree care in Portland or the greater metro area.

Tree removal is also part of landscape renovations and view improvements; in other words, it’s not just for dead or dying trees that pose a danger.

And now, on with the (possible) tree-removal show!

When You Might Need To Remove A Tree

There are a few things about which homeowners can make educated guesses. For example, if a tree’s branches are spreading over the house, then that probably means it has roots beneath the house, too.

The same goes for other more apparent signs — for example, if your sidewalk is buckling. Check out our page on root intrusion for more info on this specific topic.

A certified arborist is your best choice for someone who can tell you when a tree should be removed. But here are a few questions to consider regarding possibly hazardous trees. Ask yourself these questions, especially when you think a tree might actually be dangerous to property or people.

  1. Has the tree been damaged by a storm?
  2. Has the soil become so saturated by rain and snowmelt that the tree is leaning or looks like it might topple over?
  3. Is the tree growing too close to your home or power lines?
  4. Does the tree appear brittle, dead, or weakened by insects? Is it just a few branches, or does the trunk appear compromised?
  5. Has the tree formed cavities in the trunk or branches?

Is the Tree Dying?

Again, a certified arborist can best answer this question, but generally speaking, signs of a dying tree include large dead branches, vertical cracks in the trunk, or fungus growing near the base of the tree.

If a tree is diseased, then this is a clear example of when a tree should be removed? Why? Not only are the tree’s days numbered, but it could spread the disease to other trees on your homestead.

Think you have a tree that might need to be removed? Get in touch with our certified arborist today! This is truly one of those times when you don’t want to put it off until later. Dead trees or trees affected by diseases or insects can cause a dangerous situation.

Talk to a tree expert today at Inexpensive Tree Care in Portland. Ask about our free estimates!

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