When To Trim Bushes: Inexpensive Tree Care Cuts to the Chase

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It’s a question that every property owner has to ask — and hopefully answer — at one point or another. When to trim bushes?

Your home’s outdoor landscaping is a beautiful addition to your home. If you are not sure when the right time is to trim bushes, we can help! Proper trimming will help keep the bushes healthy for many seasons to come.

Here are a few questions and answers that should help you figure out when to trim bushes.

Why should you trim your bushes?

Removing dead or damaged branches or foliage from your trees is an important part of keeping them healthy. This prevents insects or other organisms from harming the bush.

It also invites sunlight and air into the bush branches, which can save it from disease or other conditions that cause them to die.

Not to mention, trimming bushes will stimulate growth and help them to re-grow with stronger, healthier blooms.

When should you trim?

This question can be answered with a simple statement: it depends on what you are trimming.

Early spring bloomers: Early blooming shrubs or trees, such as lilac bushes or rhododendrons, should be pruned in late spring immediately after they are done blooming. If you wait to prune them until later in the season or in the winter, it can be hard on the plant. One of the side effects of waiting means that the lower buds are generally removed and there won’t be as many blooms when springtime rolls around.

Summer-bloomers: Plants that pop open during the summer should be trimmed in the winter or early spring while they are dormant. You can cut them all the way to the ground in late winter, and they will grow all the way back up in the summer.

Plain shrubs: Shrubs that are grown primarily for their foliage and not their flowers can be trimmed almost any time during the year — except for late fall.

Inexpensive Tree Care in Portland

We have a variety of beautifully unique bushes and shrubs around the Pacific Northwest. Everything from butterfly bushes to deciduous shrubs and flower buds.

Let our professionals and the certified arborist leading them help to get all of the trimming done for you. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Our team is here to keep your bushes, flowering shrubs, and evergreen trees healthy all year long, so contact us today!

We can help during spring bloom and November gloom. We’re experts in all kinds of weather and in all growing seasons. Wondering about a flower on new wood or when that new growth will finish flowering?

Pruning in late winter? Is it time to prune at all? Think maybe you should avoid pruning like you did the previous year? Questions about pruned shrubs, whether to prune evergreens trees and shrubs? Pruning flowering vines?

We have the answers to your questions. Get in touch with Inexpensive Tree Care today!

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