A professional removing a tree to illustrate tree care in Camas WAOffering a full slate of services for tree care in Camas WA, Inexpensive Tree Care services help keep your maples, oaks, evergreens, and firs healthy and hardy. Tree coverage is one of the things that makes this corner of the world so liveable. Trees play a vital role in our environment by providing oxygen, removing pollutants from the air, and moderating the climate.

Not to mention the beauty they bring to our backyard and neighborhood–when they’re in good health. Diseased or dying trees can make for a dangerous situation, especially during the winter when the extra strain of snow, ice, and wind can make branches brittle and prone to snapping. Let our tree care services in Camas keep your trees thriving all year round.

Tree Care Camas WA

By removing damaged or diseased branches when you see them, you help lessen the spread of these issues. Are you noticing broken branches after a storm or a few bare patches during the summer? Call Inexpensive Tree Care to investigate the issues. Led by an experienced certified arborist, we can diagnose the problem and take steps to improve the health of the tree.

We take an overall look at the tree, including the surrounding areas that may be contributing to problems. A damaged trunk or diseased branches can add additional stress to the tree by making it work harder to do what trees do naturally. The type of tree, its age, growth rate, and location all play a part in the overall well-being of the tree.

When the dangers are discovered early enough, steps can be taken to save the tree. Thoughtful pruning of branches is a tremendous help to the tree, even when there is no sign of damage or disease. By shaping the tree, controlling its size, and carefully removing problem areas, your trees should have a long life.

Camas WA Tree Trimming

Tree pruning goes beyond just the health of the tree, too. By removing branches that overhang your home, you help thwart damaging moss growth on your roof. If the tree grows to close power lines, a heavy storm could knock out power to your home and the rest of the neighborhood. Trimming will remove both worries and give you some peace of mind.

We also offer trimming services for trees or bushes that may have been planted too close to each other. There could be competition for resources if there is overcrowding, and trimming will help alleviate some of that stress and ensure all the foliage remains in good health. Inexpensive Tree Care can help plan your tree and brush planting to keep this from happening in the first place.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, all of the pruning and tree trimmings just can’t save some trees. Whether it’s old age, storm damage, or unchecked disease, Inexpensive Tree Care will remove your tree quickly and safely while keeping an eye on the rest of the surrounding greenery. It’s safer to do it now than wait for the tree to drop a huge branch on the fence.

Long-standing trees may be causing issues you may not even notice until it’s too late. As roots grow, they can upset sidewalks, driveways, and even the foundation of your home. And almost anyone with older plumbing has experienced tree roots getting into the sewer line and causing clogs and backups.

If the tree can’t be moved, or there’s nowhere else to put it, Inexpensive Tree Care will remove healthy trees when needed. Have old stumps on your property that you’re sick of looking at? We’ll remove those too–in fact, we first started as a stump-grinding company!

Professional, Experienced Tree Care Camas WA

For nearly two decades, Inexpensive Tree Care has been caring for tree and other landscaping in Camas and the surrounding areas. Whether you live in a new community or recently bought a century-old home, if you have questions about new trees or the health of old trees, give us a call.