Proper tree care is a mystery to most. Plant a tree and nature will take care of the rest, right? That may be true in the forest, but in your yard and in your community, trees need a special kind of care. Trees need to be protected from, well, people!

Trees in our neighborhoods contribute to the quality of our lives, and make our communities more livable. Urban trees clean our air, cool and shade our homes, and increase the value and attractiveness of our properties

If your trees had the opportunity, would they move to your neighbor’s yard? If so, here are some tips you need to know about how to make your own yard safe for trees. Learning about proper tree care can prevent you from becoming your tree’s worst enemy.

Truths About Tree Removals, Tree Topping & Permits

  1. Because trees are vital to every breath we take and the water we drink, most cities now requires a permit for tree removal.
  2. Most cities require the property owner to apply for tree permits. Tree companies are generally not allowed to make the application on the owner’s behalf.
  3. Topping of trees is not only bad for the tree, but creates long term safety hazards for people and property. While there are ways to effectively reduce the height of deciduous. or leafy trees, there is no safe or effective means to lower the height of any type of firs, or needle bearing trees.
  4. Topping or removing trees without a permit is illegal and can result in fines for property owners and tree companies. It’s not uncommon for fines to be $1,000 per tree or more.
  5. Trees in the right of way (generally that’s between the sidewalk and street) are owned by the city. However you are responsible for maintenance and replacement if needed. Permits are required for removals in most cities and some cities require permits for pruning. Check city websites for local regulations.