How To Protect Newly Planted Trees From Frost

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One of the best parts of planting a new tree is seeing it bloom and flourish. But for it to be healthy and thrive, it must be protected and taken care of properly. With the weather starting to cool down now, it is important to make sure you know how your tree will make it through its first winter. Here are some tips on how to protect newly planted trees from frost.

First, make sure your trees are watered regularly, up until the ground freezes. A well-watered tree is stronger and can withstand exposure to frost better than a weak tree. Then seal in the moisture by covering your tree’s bed with a two-to-four-inch layer of mulch.

You can also wrap the tree bark (in other words, the tree’s trunk) or the entire branch system of small trees with burlap, plastic sheeting, or even old sheets. This will keep the temperature a bit warmer for the tree, especially if the weather is 30 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

In the morning, remove wraps as the temperatures warm up past freezing, so they can get some air and direct light.

In order to protect your trees, especially fruit trees, from frost damage when the temperatures drop, it’s crucial to set up a routine. For each tree, guard them against damage based on their individual characteristics and heartiness.

If the temperature stays at the freezing level for multiple days, it is a good idea to put an incandescent bulb near it to help provide extra heat and keep it protected. Avoid LED lights, as they don’t produce the heat you need to keep the tree warm.

If you have potted plants or trees, you can take the plants inside during the frost or move them to covered patios so they are not as exposed to the elements during cold weather.

Protecting your young trees from frost and freezing temperatures (or even just wet and cold temperatures) is one of the most important things you can do in your yard this autumn.

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