Fall Tree Care: What to Do and When to Do It

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Living in the Pacific Northwest means you are surrounded by beautiful trees all year long. Many trees may not require as much attention and care as your garden beds or flowers, but they can’t be completely ignored, either. Early fall tree care means taking some time to make sure your trees are cared for so they remain strong and healthy. That way, you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Here are some tips on how to properly care for your trees this autumn before the weather gets too cold and wet.

These tips will help old-growth and newly planted trees and shrubs during the winter months and into the spring when it’s time to plant new trees.

#1: Make sure your trees have enough water.

Rain in the Northwest is something we’re used to, but the summer heat can take a toll on your trees. So be sure to give your water plenty of water during the heat of summer as we transition into the fall months.

#2: Add mulch.

Mulch consists of decaying leaves or bark and is oftentimes used to enrich the soil around your tree. It also helps protect the tree and the rooting system from distress. Add a layer of mulch around the tree a few times a year.

Make sure you don’t use too much, however. If there is excess, it could cause the tree to rot or become diseased. Leave some space around the trunk of the tree, laying the mulch about 3 inches to 6 inches away from the base.

#3: Prune.

Pruning your trees encourages growth and keeps them healthy. Remove low branches, especially those that could cause damage to your roof or your home’s structure. If you notice dead or broken branches, remove those quickly, too.

Pruning, however, is something that should be performed with caution. That’s because if you prune your trees the wrong way, it could cause disease to spread. It could also cause the tree to become unstable, and over time, this could cause it to fall over.

If you have never pruned a tree, make sure to talk to our experts first, especially if the tree is large. Pruning trees can be dangerous, so make sure to work with our certified team at Inexpensive Tree Care to make sure your trees remain safe and healthy.

The trees on your property are a valuable addition to its value and beauty. So whether you need help pruning your trees, or you are concerned about the health of some of the trees near your home, we can help!

Contact our team of experts today for information on getting your trees taken care of by the professionals.

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