Landscaping For Fire Prevention — Now and for the Future

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Whenever we enter the summer season here in the Pacific Northwest, we also enter a period of hotter, drier weather. With current climate models and forecasts predicting that we may be entering a new normal of longer, hotter, drier seasons, it’s important to consider ways to use landscaping for fire prevention.

Inexpensive Tree Care, as our name suggests, is a full-service tree care company; we are not a landscape firm. However, there are some similarities in the two disciplines, and we come across colleagues in both fields regularly.

We thought it would be a good idea to go over some landscaping-for-fire prevention tips. If you are looking to landscape your yard, consider using plants and other materials that increase your property value and beautify your home while also providing an extra layer of fire protection.

Here are some ideas on how to plan a fire-resistant landscape on your property.

Create zones

Add stone walls, patios, cement walkways, or decks that are fire-resistant. This helps create a layer of protection against any fire that might try to encroach on your home.

Use ground cover

Using the right ground cover for bare spaces is important. Use rock, flower beds, gardens, and mulch as ground cover for empty areas. These can be effective to slow down the path of a fire.

Pick the right plants

When you are considering plants for your property, select high-moisture plants that grow close to the ground. Also, look for plants that are low in sap and resin content. Some shrubs such as hedging roses, bush honeysuckles, and currant can be fire-resistant and can add nice greenery to your yard while providing protection.

Know which trees to plant

Hardwood trees, maple, and cherry trees are less flammable than other trees like fir, pine, and conifers. In addition, make sure you space out trees appropriately to reduce fire spread, and if you have trees near your home, be sure they are trimmed to stay away from your chimney, in the event that a house fire occurs.

In addition, make sure your home has proper irrigation. Keeping your grass, plants, and shrubs watered and moist as much as possible to prevent fire from spreading.

With the right planning and landscape design, your home can be a safe, peaceful oasis that is enjoyable and relaxing.

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