4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lawn Care

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IfGreen lawnmower, weed trimmer, rake and secateurs in the garden. you’re like many homeowners, you may think that a lawn basically takes care of itself with a little water, occasional mowing, and pruning tree branches back once in a while. However, there are many ways you can contribute to your lawn’s care to ensure that you have a beautiful, emerald-green lawn that may just be the envy of everyone on the block. Consider these four lawn care tips.

  • Water your lawn early in the day to achieve two goals. The first goal is to conserve water. When you water your lawn early in the morning, you are saving water because the sun isn’t evaporating the water before the grass and plants have a chance to absorb it. The second goal is to discourage fungal disease and mildew—watering early achieves this because of the cool temperatures and quicker exposure to the sun. Don’t overwater your lawn, either—a deep watering every three to four days should do the trick.

  • Mow high. While you may think that the lower you mow the grass, the more time there will be before you have to mow again, this can damage your lawn. Longer grass blades shade the soil to reduce water loss and weed growth. Cut no more than one-third of the grass blade length to prevent thatch buildup and protect the tender undergrowth from the scorching sun.

  • Go for quality seeds. Not all seeds are created equal, and if you want a great-looking lawn, you should get great-quality seeds. Good seeds will help give your lawn a thick, springy quality that many homeowners aspire to.

  • Don’t forget to fertilize. Fertilize your trees, plants and lawn during its active growing periods in spring and fall. Aim for the cooler part of the season, and remember that different regions have different optimal times to fertilize. Happy growing!

While you may be able to keep your lawn lush by yourself, taking care of your property’s trees is another story–you’ll very likely need the experts to make sure your trees are healthy and safe. If you are ready to make your lawn the crown jewel of your property, call Inexpensive Tree Care today at (503) 504-4179. Our expert arborists serve the residents of Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas.

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