5 Good Reasons To Remove A Tree Stump

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tree stumpFully grown trees can add a wealth of beauty, charm, and privacy to a property. However, an ugly tree stump can do just the opposite. Aside from the fact that stumps can diminish your home’s curb appeal, they can also be dangerous. If you’ve recently cut down a tree, or if a tree in your yard has fallen victim to a wind storm, there are a few different ways you can handle the stump that remains. You can leave the stump as is in your yard or call in a pro to have it removed. Here is why we strongly suggest the latter:

Landscape Eyesore

When trees grow to maturity, after all those years they tend to be a focal point in our landscaping, a familiar part of our everyday surroundings. So at some point, when the tree is gone and a stump is all that’s left, it can be quite a change. This inspires a lot of people to do something different with the newly open landscape. Maybe you’d like to plant some shrubs there or put in a lily pond. Either way, if you want to re-landscape the area, the stump will have to go. We grind the stump and roots at least 12-15 inches into the ground to ensure successful future planting.

Tripping Hazard

If you have children who love to spend time playing outside, a tree stump can really be a hazard. They could easily trip over it and injure themselves. Stumps can also trip up your guests and neighbors, which could be a liability.

New Shoots

When a stump is left after a tree is removed, sometimes, flimsy new sprouts called “shoots” will start to develop. Shoots aren’t necessarily unsightly, but they are almost impossible to prevent if the stump and roots remain. You may have to resort to using harsh chemicals to get rid of them completely, which can harm other plantings. Furthermore, these new shoots will steal nutrients from the plants and trees around them. If you want to get rid of the shoots, you have to get rid of the roots, which will require professional stump grinding.

Tool Damage

Stumps can easily damage your lawn mower if you run over them when cutting the grass. Maneuvering around them to prevent this is a real nuisance, and may keep you from doing a proper job when taking care of your lawn.

Spread Disease

If you had a tree removed (or if it fell) due to disease or insect infestation, disposing of the tree alone may not save the rest of your landscape from the same fate. To completely eradicate the pests or disease, it is necessary to remove the stump and roots as well.

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