Stump Grinding Frees Up Space in Your Yard

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Stump grinding gets rid of tree stumps fast.

Stump grinding is the quickest way to get rid of the remains of a trunk.

Do you have a vision of the ideal yard? Does it have a flower bed bursting with blossoms? An unbroken field of green grass? A patio where friends share a cold one while kicking back on a moldering old tree stump? Yeah. Maybe not that last one.

If the remains of a cut or fallen tree is taking up space in your yard, grinding will get rid of it fast. Our high-powered grinder pulverizes wood in a matter of minutes. The entire stump-vanishing process takes less than an hour, and that estimate includes a few minutes of friendly chitchat with your tree-service person.

After we wave goodbye, you’re left with soft, level ground. What should you do with this newly found real estate? Here are a couple possibilities.

Stump Grinding Leaves an Ideal Spot for Plants

Our grinder delves up to 18 inches into the ground, breaking up both stump and roots. If a bigger garden is your dream, you have a head start. You won’t have to dig through a tangle of growth to carve out a spot for planting.

To make the most of the soil, remove some of the wood chips and mix in topsoil or compost. Plant seeds or transplants. The new spot will be easy to work and is perfect for either grass, flowers, tubers or vegetables.

Stump grinding leave soft ground ready for planting

The grinder turns a stump into wood chips, a natural mulch for flower or vegetable gardens.

Wood chips left from stump grinding make good mulch. Mulching holds in moisture and helps seedlings get established. You can also add the wood to a compost pile.

Fresh wood chips don’t have the ideal nutrients or PH balance to support plants, but they will eventually enrich the soil. It’s important to have enough topsoil for new plants to get off to a good start.

If you’re not in a hurry, let the area remain fallow for a year. By then the wood will have decomposed and won’t have the tendency to rob the soil of nitrogen.

Construct a New Deck or Patio

It’s hard to build around a tree stump. Once the remnants of the old trunk are gone, the possibilities for landscaping are wide open. You’ll have the space for a fence or another type of outdoor structure.

If you went to the trouble of removing a tree, or if a wind storm took care of that for you, stump removal is the next step. Summers in the Pacific Northwest are beautiful, but brief. Now’s the time to start building a deck or patio.

Give us call for a free estimate. Inexpensive Tree Care grinds stumps, prunes trees and removes damaged branches.

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