How to Recycle a Tree

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Do you have a tree that needs to be cut down? You should remove or trim hazardous, overgrown or storm-damaged trees. A dangerous tree can hurt people and damage property. Since even a downed tree may be valuable, you may be wondering what you can do with the lumber.

There are a variety of ways to turn a tree or even large branches into something useful. Here are some questions to answer when you’re trying to figure out how to recycle a tree.

#1: Is the tree healthy?

If the lumber appears to be in good shape and doesn’t have visible damage, you may be able to sell it to a sawmill. If the tree is old and diseased, the wood likely isn’t something a business can use, but you may be able to salvage the lumber for a DIY project.

#2: How big is the tree?

A tree will need to be at least 16 inches in diameter to be recycled for lumber. It should have a sufficient bole, which is the part of the tree where there is little or no branching above the ground. If you choose to have the wood sawmilled, the bole will yield straight-grained lumber that is useful for woodworking projects.

#3: What type of tree is it?

Almost any deciduous hardwood tree that is healthy (no insect or structural damage) can make great lumber. For example, you can use the wood from an oak tree to make a cupboard, cabinet, shelf or another project.

Other types of wood useful for household items include sycamore, maple and pine. If you’re not sure if the tree that you have is good to use for specific products, it’s best to check forestry websites or a woodworking book.

4#: Do you want to replant?

The leftover trunk on a fallen or cut tree can be recycled with tree stump grinding. We can grind the stump in minutes. As soon as we finish grinding, you can plant something new. The chips and sawdust make instant mulch!

The trees on your property are rich with history. They have provided shade and beauty for your family year after year. Portland tree removal doesn’t have to end your relationship with a tree.  Instead, get creative and figure out ways to make the tree into a usable item, a piece of art or a new garden.

Not sure where to start? Call us at 503-679-1410 for help with tree removal in Portland and the surrounding areas. We also prune and trim large trees and grind stumps. Contact us for a free estimate.

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