6 Benefits of Tree Trimming

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Homeowners with trees on their property know the value and beauty that they add to the home. But, trees require maintenance and work to keep them healthy and looking great. Unsure how to prune your tree or what the benefits are to keeping the trees on your property trimmed? Here are some of the great benefits.

Benefit #1: Increased property value

If you keep the trees in your front or backyard trimmed well, your yard will look clean and kept up well. Regular pruning with the removal of small branches or limbs will not only improve the tree’s overall appearance, but it will also keep the tree healthy and happy for many years. If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, remember that healthy, mature trees are very desirable for prospective homeowners that are looking for a beautiful, well-maintained yard.

Benefit #2: Composting

If you have recently started composting, you already know some of the amazing advantages it has. One of the best parts of composting is that you can take the leaves that fall from the tree and add them to your compost pile.

Benefit #3: Removes hazards from your property

Falling branches and limbs are a big hazard, not only to people who happen to be in their way, but for your home as well. Removing limbs and branches is an important part of keeping both your home and loved ones safe and out of harm’s way. 

Benefit #4: Increased sun exposure

Trimming your trees will increase sun exposure as well as air circulation throughout the tree and the landscape around it. This will help improve the tree’s health and it will also allow extra light to permeate your property so you can increase your intake of natural vitamin D.

Benefit #5: Keeps the tree healthy

Regular trimming will help improve the appearance and structure of the tree and keep it from developing broad or weak branches. It also helps bolster the size of the tree and if it’s a tree that produces fruit or flowers, it can also help increase the quantity of the crop.

Benefit #6: Reduces disease and insect infestation

Regular pruning can also reduce the amount of leaf disease on a tree and help eliminate the spread of diseases that come from insects. If the tree is diseased or infected by bugs over time, there is a good chance it will die.

The trees on your property offer shade and beauty year-round and need to be taken care of. Not sure where to start when it comes to trimming your trees? Our team at Inexpensive Tree Care is experienced in pruning a variety of trees and can help get your trees looking great for spring and summer.



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