Tree Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

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A tree can stand for decades with the proper care.  But if mistreated, a tree will weaken and fail to thrive. The branches may die, the leaves may wither and eventually, you’ll need to have the tree removed.

Fortunately, most trees are low-maintenance. If a tree is suited to the climate and conditions, you’ll need to do little to keep it looking good.

To keep your trees healthy, avoid these common tree care mistakes.

Not Pruning Enough

The most common tree-care mistake is not pruning. Pruning is good for nearly all plants, including trees. It stimulates new growth and lets air circulate through the branches. Pruning also shapes a tree and removes dangerous branches.

If you have a dwarf tree or one that’s a year or two old, you can do the pruning yourself. But, for large trees, call us or another professional. Removing heavy branches high in the air is dangerous, even professionals must use great care to avoid accidents.

Pruning too Much

The second most common mistake is over pruning. We’ve all seen the sad results of topping. If pruning is too severe, it can cause branches to die and trees to get weak.

An unhealthy tree is an easy mark for pests and diseases. Some experts recommend removing no more than about 25 percent of a tree’s crown. However, each situation is different; some trees should be pruned less while others can take more.

Ignoring a Hazardous Tree

What is a hazardous tree? It’s one that could damage property or hurt people. Most often, it’s one that looks like it’s dying or dead. It might also be a tree that’s growing too close to power lines or one overhanging your home.

If you have a hazardous tree, it could fall at any time. A storm, saturated ground or even a gust of wind can contribute to a tree toppling.

Too Much or Too Little Water

During times of drought, trees suffer. They may survive, but without enough water, they will get stressed. Unlike a dry, brown lawn, trees don’t bounce back once they die.

Trees show signs of stress when they don’t have enough water. Leaves may wilt, needles may fall and colors may change. Water your trees deeply once a week during dry weather.

Safe Tree Removal in Portland

Treat your trees well and they will return the favor, providing you with years of beauty. For help with pruning, tree removal and stump grinding, contact Inexpensive Tree Care.

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