Benefits of Tree Pruning

Benefits of Tree Pruning

tree-pruningTree pruning is one of the more common tasks related to tree care. While forest trees do well only being pruned by Mother Nature, those on your private property require some human intervention.

There are many reasons homeowners need to keep their trees trimmed. How and when they are pruned depends on what type of tree you are dealing with. Regardless, here are some of the benefits to proper tree pruning:

  • Removing diseased branches improves a tree’s health
  • Removing large dead, weak, or broken branches reduces safety risks
  • Storm damage can be minimized by removing excess interior branches
  • You create a more aesthetically pleasing landscape when trees are well kept
  • Pruning fruit trees will help increase their lifespan and the amount of fruit they yield
  • If you live close to a road with street signs, making sure a tree doesn’t hinder view of the sign is important for road safety

The frequency with which you have to trim your trees depends on what kind of tree you have. Some trees may rarely require tree pruning, while others will need attention more often. Once you decide that you have a tree that needs to be pruned, you must decide whether you should do it yourself, or if it’s better to hire a tree care professional.

Proper and diligent tree pruning will help manage growth, create a more visually appealing property, and encourage healthier trees. Whether you’re uncertain about your needs or there are safety concerns with the job, you can always call us for a free estimate.

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