New Year’s Resolutions for Tree Lovers

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With the new year only weeks away, you might be thinking about your new year’s resolution. Lot’s of people will make a goal to lose weight or save money in the year to come, but if you’re a tree lover, you might be looking for something that’s a little more unique. So, here are some fun tree-related things you can resolve to do in 2014.

See The Heritage Trees of Portland

Throughout Portland there are nearly 300 “Heritage Trees,” which have been recognized for their unique size, age or historical or horticultural significance. While vowing to see each one might be a bit too ambitious, why not make a goal to see the first five? Visit the City of Portland’s website to download the heritage tree guidebook for the full list and details.

Volunteer For A Planting or Conservation Program

There a several organizations in the area that are dedicated to planting trees and conserving our forests. One of the most visible groups is Friends Of Trees. In 2014, you could participate in their Neighborhood Trees program, and/or volunteer for the Greenspace Initiative and Plant it Portland! campaign. There are also a number of ways you can get involved with the City of Portland’s Urban Forestry Commission and participate in their various programs.

Learn To Identify Trees

Want to learn a new skill you can use everywhere you go? Discovering how to identify a tree by its bark, foliage, and flowers is a fun way to connect with nature, impress your friends, and become a better property owner. If you do take on this new skill in 2014, you’ll have a much easier time working your way through the list of heritage trees.

Learn About Tree Pests and How To Keep Them Away

Some of the most vexing issues we deal with in our yards and gardens are infestations. Thousands of different insects and animals can do a great deal of harm to the trees and other plants on your property. So, this year, hit the books (or the web) and discover which pests are most common for your area and the trees in your yard. Then, find the best way to treat and prevent an infestation.

Go to a Cherry Blossom Festival

All across the world there are festivals where people gather to celebrate Spring and the beautiful blossoming cherry trees. This April, you can visit the small festival here in Portland, the larger event in Seattle, or head back East to Washington D.C. for the county’s biggest and most significant cherry blossom celebration that extends into May.

From all of us at Inexpensive Tree Care, we wish you a very happy New Year!

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