Should You Hire a Professional to Remove a Tree Stump?

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What’s the best way of getting rid of a stump? There are several different methods. Some are easier than others. For most homeowners, hiring a professional service is the most efficient way to clear their property of leftover trunks.

Here’s a quick rundown of several methods for removing a stump.

Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Grinding a stump is the quickest and most thorough method of removal. A grinder can dig into the ground, chewing up the trunk and roots anywhere from 6 to 18 inches deep.

Grinding doesn’t just remove a stump, it demolishes it and turns the wood into an ideal composting material. A professional service may be able to complete the job in a matter of minutes. The time it takes depends on the size of the tree and the power of the grinder.

Grinders can be rented at some home-improvement stores. If you enjoy working with heavy machinery, you can consider grinding a stump yourself.

For many people, however, stump grinding is outside of their comfort level. If you only have one stump to grind, it may be just as economical to hire a service as it is to rent a grinder.

Hand Digging

Digging out a stump with a shovel is only practical for very small trees with shallow roots. Even the small trees have roots that are tough to get out using hand tools. You’ll need to expose the roots before cutting them with some sort of tool. Once the roots are cut, they have to be pulled out.

Backhoe Removal

Some stumps (generally Conifirs only as they are surface root trees and Deciduous are generally root balls under the tree) are pulled from the ground with a backhoe. Using a backhoe is a disruptive method that can create a mess in a yard. Once the stumps are removed, they need to be disposed of.

Chemical Methods

Tree Stump RemoverThis method uses chemicals to speed up the decomposition of a stump. In some areas, including the state of Oregon, the most effective chemicals are illegal. This means it could take years for the stump to decompose, plus newer stumps take much longer than older stumps. However if you choose to go this route, here’s how you do it.: Wait for a dry period in the weather so the stump is looking for liquid. Holes are drilled in the wood. Remover (follow directions on the package) is added to the holes, and it works by slowly rotting the wood particles. Even though the remover speeds the process of decay, it may take years to get rid of the stump. Before considering a chemical remover, research the legal restrictions and environmental hazards associated with the product

Professional Stump Removal

The greatest advantage of hiring a professional to grind a stump is that your property will quickly be cleared. You can plant over the site the same day the stump is removed.

Inexpensive Tree Care has years of experience removing stumps. Most stump grinders in the Portland/Vancouver area can only grind down about 6 inches. Our powerful grinder can work up to 18-inches deep.

If you need a stump removed in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area, contact us for more information and to arrange for an estimate.

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