Portland Activities You can do in Your Backyard

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Portland is called the City of Roses for good reason. This region is enriched with a diversity of plant and animal life that should be enjoyed. In the midst of all this beauty, how does your backyard fit into the landscape? Do you have the space to complete all the Portland activities you’d like to? If your yard is not exactly the green sanctuary you’d like it to be, it may be time to clean up or start from scratch and hire a landscaper. As a source of motivation, here are all the Portland activities you can do with a beautifully landscaped backyard:

Host outdoor brunch  

pruning mature treesHaving brunch is a bit of a cultural event in Portland. But this is no average, build-your-own-omelet kind of gathering. Portlanders know to offer only locally grown, grass-fed, cage-free, non-GMO ingredients at the table, complete with mimosas to start the morning off right.

Of course, coffee is a necessity in these situations. But not just any brand will do in Little Beirut. Impress your friends by pouring coffee regionally sourced from a tiny, secretive Ecuadorian village that not even National Geographic knows about yet. They definitely have the best coffee beans in the world, that’s why it’s so secret.

Why stop there? With a cleanly landscaped yard, you can tend to your own flock of chickens to ensure the freshness and hyperlocality of your eggs. With this personalised touch, maybe your chickens are given weekly massages and read a bedtime story every night. Portlanders need the freshest and freest of eggs for their brunches because every little effort makes the eggs taste that much better.

Have a Portland dog wedding

Dog weddings in Portland are another cultural phenomenon found in BridgetownDogs are people too. At least they are in Portland. Share in the joy of loving commitment between your pets by hosting a special dog wedding in your beautiful backyard. While non-natives may scoff at this proposition, true Portlanders know there’s nothing more merry and jubilant than a dog wedding.

Alright, VooDoo’s donuts are objectively the greatest export Portland has to offer, but we digress.

So, go ahead and invite all your closest friends and family to share in the love between a shih tzu and chihuahua or whatever breeds the happy couple happen to be. Just make sure that wedding cake is organic, local and cruelty-free.

Prepare for your next protest

To be a Portlander is to be a protester. It’s just part of the culture. We protest just about everything. The key to a successful protest is of course the creativity of the signs and synchronization of protesters. Everybody knows that. Use the space in your newly landscaped yard to practice protest formations, sign waving and  chant repetition. You can even host a signwriting party and see who can come up with the most clever way to say that their opinion is best.

Tree-trimming & landscaping in Portland OR

From tree trimming to pruning and stump grinding, Inexpensive Tree Care has the tools and expertise you need to get your backyard to look exactly how you want it. So you have the space to do whatever Portland activities you’d like.

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