The Worst Tree Care Myths in Portland

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Have you ever heard that you can help a tree heal by painting its wounds? What about the idea that chopping off the top of a tree is good for it? Lots of people in Portland have heard these tree care myths, but you shouldn’t believe them because they’re false. Wrongheaded ideas tend to get repeated. Over time, people accept them as true.

Some misguided beliefs can lead you to waste money or hurt your trees. Here are the top tree care myths in Portland that you should quit believing right away:

Tree Care Myth 1: Topping Is a Good Way to Prune Treesbad pruning

Reality: Topping makes a tree weak by removing to many leaves and branches. An unhealthy tree is more likely to get sick. Topped trees become hazardous trees because of their tendency to become diseased. When that happens, you’ll need to call a professional for tree removal in Portland.

A professional Portland tree trimmer prunes trees correctly. Our arborists select the right branches to remove, keeping the tree healthy, attractive and safe from accidentally falling. When done regularly by a professional, pruning can keep trees from growing too tall and becoming a falling hazard during bad storms.

Another tree care myth is painting a pruned tree branch. It doesn't help

Myth 2: Paint a Tree Wound to Help it Heal

Reality: It used to be common to paint a stump after removing a branch. People believed a cut on a tree might let insects or diseases invade. But, painting a tree’s “wounds” doesn’t help.

Trees don’t repair damage or infection. Instead, a tree grows a barrier that seals it from the unhealthy tissue. A vigorous tree doesn’t need help with this process. Painting or applying anything to the cut surface might interfere with the tree’s natural process and cause more longterm damage.

Myth 3: Prune Branches Close to the TrunkPruning fruit trees with tree trimming shears.

Reality: Cutting too close to the trunk can lead to decay and disease, and ultimately tree death. Why? At the base of a branch is something called a branch collar. Trees need this part of the limb to remain healthy and undamaged to continue to thrive. If you’re pruning a young tree, leave a few inches at the base of the branch. For mature trees with big branches, it’s best to call us for help. Pruning branches too close to the trunk leaves your tree vulnerable and open to a myriad of tree diseases.

Shallow tree roots are far more common than deep ones, another tree care mythMyth 4: Trees Have Deep Roots

Reality: Most trees have roots that grow wide and shallow. Tree roots stay near the surface where soil is loose, and the tree can get oxygen. The root system of a tree is usually several times wider than its canopy. Because a tree’s roots are shallow, they can be damaged by activities, such as construction, on the ground around the tree. Here are some tips for protecting tree roots during landscaping and construction projects in Portland, OR.

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