4 Tips for Late Summer Tree Care

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Are your trees looking stressed out? Late summer in Portland, with its hot, dry weather, can be hard on trees. But with a little TLC, you can keep your tall friends healthy.

Routine care prevents most problems. Taking care of damage right away prevents disease from taking hold.

4 Tips for Late Summer Tree Care in Oregon

Late summer tree care is pretty minimal. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Summer Pruning

You can prune a tree in summer to slow growth. Before you prune for this reason, talk with an arborist or call your local extension. Learn more about the OSU Extension Service in the Portland metro area.

You can prune to shape a tree. If a branch is growing too low, go ahead and remove it. A large tree should only be pruned by an expert. Tree care specialists have the tools and experience to safely cut branches from tall trees.

2. Summer Watering

Some trees need watering in hot weather. All young trees, those under two years old, should be watered when the soil turns dry. How much should you water? That depends on the tree, the soil and the weather conditions. Most trees like a deep watering.

You can water trees at the same time you water a lawn. Whatever system you use, sprinkler, soaker hose, or something else, make sure the water gets to the tree roots. Add mulch around the tree to keep moisture from evaporating quickly.

3. Summer Fertilizing

It’s best not to fertilize in late summer. Feeding a tree encourages buds. New growth is tender. Young branches may be damaged when cold weather hits in a couple of months.

Fertilizing encourages a larger root system. This may or may not be something you want. Not every tree needs to be fertilized.

If you feed a tree, do it in spring or early summer. Get your soil tested before you choose a fertilizer. Ask for advice about soil testing at a local nursery or extension.

4. Tree Removal

Summer is a good time to remove dead or dying trees. It’s easier to spot a sick tree in summer than in winter.

If your tree’s leaves are brown, dry or missing when they should be green, you know there’s a problem.

Stump grinding will quickly remove the remainder of the trunk. Plant something new as soon as the stump is gone. Or, wait a few weeks. When fall rolls around, put in a new tree, bulbs or perennials.

Inexpensive Tree Care’s friendly arborists are ready to assist you in Oregon and Washington. Get an online estimate for our services, or give us a call today at 503-679-1410.

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