Pacific Northwest Trees with Vibrant Fall Color

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Autumn in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful. The sun shines brightly. Trees dress up in red, orange and yellow leaves. Crisp autumn air turns children’s cheeks pink as they wait for the school bus.

If you’re a fan of fall colors, why not get more of what you love by planting trees with stunning fall foliage? Visit your local nursery for help in choosing the right tree and the perfect planting location. Fall is a good time to plant a tree.

If you need to make room for a young tree, call Inexpensive Tree Care to remove a dead or dangerous tree from your yard. We also remove stumps by quickly grinding them away. As soon as the stump is pulverized, you can work the soil and plant your tree.

Pacific Northwest Trees with Vibrant Fall Color

Here’s a rundown of some of the species that display vibrant color when their leaves turn in the fall.

Red maples: Red maples display rich scarlet leaves in autumn. It’s a common tree, and you can see many handsome examples of red maples growing in Pacific Northwest yards. Red maples need plenty of space. They gain height rapidly, reaching 60-feet tall when mature. In addition to providing color in fall, they make plenty of shade in summer.

Big-leaf maples: This maple tree is about 50-feet tall when fully grown. It’s impressive and impossible to ignore. Leaves are usually about 12-inches across. They turn a bright yellow, with touches of orange. When people think of colorful fall leaves, they often picture the foliage of the big-leaf maple.

Raywood ash: This is a huge tree that may grow up to 70-feet tall. If you plant a raywood ash, be sure you have enough space. The colors on this stunner are deep and rich. In fall the leaves are the color of red wine. In spring, the leaves return to a bright green.

Vine maple: Vine maple is a Pacific Northwest native. It displays classic autumn foliage, showcasing colorful leaves in the cooler months of autumn. The tree’s leaves turn sunny shades of orange mixed with red. In typical Oregon and Washington fashion, the vine maple thrives in shade. Don’t plant it in full sun. If you don’t have a lot of room in the yard, this tree may be ideal since its multiple trunks grow to just 15 feet in height.

Persian ironwood: This tree may remind you of a time when you sat on an Oregon beach, warming your hands by a fire and watching the sun go down. The foliage contains the many colors of a particularly vibrant sunset. The colorful leaves contrast with the gray-colored bark. Growing to about 25-feet tall and 30-feet across, this small tree makes a big impression.

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