Tree Removal Techniques

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What’s that roar you hear? It might be one of our chainsaws. After stormy weather, arborists are busy with pruning and tree removal in Portland.

Snowmageddon was hard on Oregon trees. Ice and snow took some. Others fell in the wind. Trees that survived may have broken branches, cracked trunks or a newly noticed severe lean.

Damaged trees and branches are dangerous. You should remove them, but don’t do this chore by yourself. Climbing on roofs and ladders can send you to the hospital. It’s a leading cause of visits to the ER.

Contact Inexpensive Tree Care for help with hazardous trees. We’re certified arborists. Our team handles tree removal after winter weather. We’ll even grind the stump. When the stump is gone, the soil is ready to plant.

Tree Removal Techniques

Working on a tree is dangerous. When we remove a tree, we make a plan. We want to avoid hurting people or damaging property. Arborists work high in the branches. They climb trees and ladders while carrying saws and tools. Ladders are dangerous and our crews use them as a last resort.

How do we handle tree removal? The answer depends on the size and location of the tree. We look at everything that affects the job: buildings, roads, landscaping and utility lines.

Our team uses special gear, including eye protection. They also use ropes and equipment to keep from falling. We have respect for tall trees and broken branches. We’ve seen the damage and injury that can occur when people get careless.

When we remove a tree, 98 percent of the time, we do it branch by branch starting from the lowest limb. This allows us to control where the cut limbs drop. Most trees are over buildings and fences.

Knowing where the limb will fall prevents 99 percent of the damage that could occur. Should we have the space to fall a tree, here’s a general overview of our techniques.

Please note, every tree and every situation is directed. We evaluate each situation before making a decision on how best to remove the tree.

The information below is general in nature and for information only. We do not imply or recommend inexperienced homeowners attempt to remove a tree this way. Tree removal is not a DIY job. Stay safe by hiring a professional tree service such as Inexpensive Tree Care

  1. Estimate tree height and width.
  2. Evaluate the tree’s lean.
  3. Plan the direction of the fall. We base this on the type of tree, the presence of buildings, utility lines and other factors.
  4. Make sure the fall zone is clear.
  5. We tie one end of a rope to the tree.
  6. A crew member or members hold the other end of the rope. Anyone not working on the tree stands outside the fall zone.
  7. An arborist makes a first V-cut. The cut is on the side where we want the tree to fall.
  8. We make a second V-cut on the other side of the tree.
  9. When the tree starts to fall, the arborist stands clear.
  10. If needed, the crew members holding the rope pull to direct the fall.

Call Inexpensive Tree Care for a quote. Licensed, Bonded and Insured, we work in the Portland, Oregon area (Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington and Columbia counties, plus Clark County in Southwest Washington).

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